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Dragon Wilderness Reborn is intended to be a fun and friendly environment for all players to play on. As such, we have a list of rules we expect all players to follow with no exceptions. By choosing to play on the Dragon Wilderness Reborn Server or use the Dragon Wilderness Reborn Discord, you agree to follow all the rules listed below.

Who Are "Players"?

Everyone that plays on the Dragon Wilderness Reborn Minecraft server or uses the official Dragon Wilderness Reborn Discord server is considered a player.

Dragon Wilderness Reborn Is A PvPvE server

Player is free to fight other players on the server. Player is free to completely ignore other Players on the server. Abusive Players will disciplined.

  • Repeatedly killing the same Player continuously is considered griefing
  • Camping the spawn areas to PvP incoming Players is considered griefing

Respect Other Players

Not everyone gets along, and that's ok, but all players will treat each other with respect. Here are some examples of behaviour that is not allowed:

  • Use of derogitory words/terms related to skin color, gender, or other personal qualities
  • Constant/Repetitive swearing
  • Trolling other players
  • Insulting other players
  • Posting links
  • Spamming the same messages over and over
  • Intentionally avoiding the chat filter
  • Talking about self-harm or other deeply negative experiences

Inappropriate Buildings Or Other Content

Racist, Sexual, and other inappropriate content is strictly forbidden.

  • Builds that depict racist or sexual imagery
  • Item names that use racist or sexual phrases
  • Pet names that use racist or sexual phrases
  • Claims/Plots themed around sexual imagery
  • Skins/Capes that use racist or sexual images
  • Usernames that are racist, sexual, or impersonating in nature
  • Nicks that are racist, sexual, or impersonating in nature

Cheats And Exploits

Cheating and/or exploiting bugs in Minecraft ruins the playing experience for all players. If you are caught cheating, you will be banned.

  • Unofficial Minecraft Clients
  • X-Ray texture packs or mods
  • Bypassing claim restrictions
  • Bypassing banned item restrictions


Grinders lag the server and ruin the playing experience for all. Mob/Item grinders that are designed specifically to spawn in mobs or items for the purpose of automated collection are strictly forbidden. Any player caught building or using a grinder may be banned.

How to Report Bad Behavior?

Reporting bad behavior is an important part of maintaining the player experience. The best way to report a player is to get a screenshot and post to the #player-report channel in Discord.

  • Post in the #player-report channel of the Discord server
  • /msg a staff member on the Dragon Wilderness Reborn server

What Are The Punishments?

All Staff members have the ability to discipline players as they see fit. You may dispute a Staff members action against you in the #help or #player-report channels of Discord. A permament ban is non-reversible and absolute. You cannot dispute a permanent ban.

Punishment severity and duration will depend on the rules that were broken and if the player is a repeat offender.
  • Warn - Player is officially warned. Past warnings can be read by Staff and will used to calculate appropriate punishments in the future.
  • Kick - Player is kicked from the server. Take a few minutes time to rethink your actions before rejoining.
  • Mute - Player cannot speak on the server. Players will be automatically unmuted when the timer expires.
  • Jail - Player is instantly transported to jail. While in jail, you cannot move or speak. Player will be automatically released once the timer expires.
  • Tempban - Player is temporarily banned from joined the server.
  • Ban - Player is permanently banned from joining the server. Forever.

Who Are The Staff Members?

Staff members can be identified by their rank.

  • Discord Moderators have the rank Mods
  • Minecraft Moderators have the rank [Mod]
  • Minecraft Builders have the rank [Builder]
  • Minecraft Admins have the rank [Admin]
  • The Minecraft Owner has the rank [Owner]

How do I become a staff member?

Staff members are hand-picked by the Owner or other Staff members. There is no application process to become a Staff member.